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Wedding receptions, birthday/anniversary party, corporate events, festivals, church service, or for whatever you may need live entertainment.  


VINCENT HOWARD plays several instruments and is proficient in reading sheet music. For nearly 30 years, he lived in Indianapolis, Indiana where he's worked under many hats. 

  • PIANO ACCOMPANIST - Worked at Indianapolis Public School as an piao accompanist for 10 years at four high schools (Emmerick Manal High, 2006, Thomas Carr High, 2008 , John Marshall Community High, 2011, Crispus Attucks Community High, 2014)
  • KEYBOARDIST - Has played with numerous local artists and bands in Chcago, Indianapolis, and Orlando. He has performed on many stages. One of his greatest accomplishment was performing at NY's famous Apollo Theatre (1998).  
  • MUSIC DIRECTOR (Theater and stage) - Music director for Asante Children's Theatre, Indianapolis, IN. "Birth of Soul", Joyce Liicorish, "An Evening of Songs", Catrece Young, "The Five Heartbeats", Joyce Licorish 
  • PRODUCER - Studio recordings, songwriter collaboration, create instrumental music track, and much more.  He's worked with a host of songwriters. He infusies different styles and genres together to make his own sound, It's best way to define his

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  • Audio - link coming soon!
  • Audio - link coming soon!


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Other music services offered.

Do you need... 

... an audio track produced?  

... to record a commercial for your business?  

... a DJ for your party?

... a backup band for your act?

... need music recorded for your video shoot?

I offer professional studio recording services, and live on-stage performances supporting your act. I also can DJ for your parties, whether it's in your basement or a reception hall.  Give me a call and let me know what you need. 

My fees are very competitive.

Coming Soon

STUDIO PROJECT: "Who so ever will, let 'em come" 

Singers and songwriters welcomed to be a part of this open stage recording.


Q: I need a pianist for my wedding.  Can you play songs while the guests are coming in to be seated?. 

A: Yes! I love playing what the audience wants to hear.  I have a wide selection of songs to play from gospel, classical, pop, or R&B; suitable for any style wedding.

Q: Are you available to DJ for my daughter's 9th birthday party?

A: Of course. I've DJ'ed for middle school to high school dances and sock-hops. Using Virtual DJ running on my laptop, my sound system will fill any backyard or high school gym.

Q: I'm a singer and I need a band to back me for an upcoming show. Can you put that together?

A: Yes. I have a host of experienced musicians that will work together to perform as your band.  We can perform cover songs or your originals.

Q: Do you accept mobile payments?

A: Yes, I accept major credit or debit cards, Venmo, Cash app, Google Pay, Paypal, Zelle, or Samsung Pay.  Sorry, I do not accept checks.

Q: I have wrote several song lyrics and melodies, but I need a musician to produce the music for me. Can you work with me?

A:  Yes, I can. I suggest you choose one of your songs, record it accapella (with a click track), and I will add whatever music is needed to your composition. I can also mix and master your track after we're finished collaborating. If you like what you hear, we can move on to your next song.

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Who is Vincent Howard?

Vincent Howard - keyboardist, band leader


This musician is known by many names in the midwest.  "Keyboard", "Q-Jam", "Eighty8", ... but whatever name people call him, it's obvious that he can JAM. Back in his high school days ('79), he started a band that won 1st place in a high school talent show. Playing songs like "Summer Madness", "Reach For It", and "P-Funk"... making them one of the hottest bands on Chicago's west side. He moved to Indianapolis, IN in 1988 and started the bands:  Q-Jam (1990-1993), The Choice Band (1998-2006), Blue Soul (2006-2016). His greatest accomplishment was when he performed with The Choice Band on New York's Apollo Theatre's stage. 

"Eighty8" has worked with some of the best musicians and singers that specializes in jazz, R&B, gospel, and pop music. "I am fortunate to find these talented individuals that has a common goal: making music for the soul!" He is available for weddings, receptions, parties, outdoor festivals, corporate and club events. You can contact Vincent Howard by email: or Phone: (407) 734-0079.

Who so ever will; let 'em come


I'm all about setting up and opening the stage to upcoming artists and songwriters. My inspiration comes from so many things in life that leads me to create beautiful compositions. I love writing music and lyrics with artists from start to finish in each recording project.  I want to create and perform music that spans through many cultures and genres.  Even when I perform cover songs, I have so many songs in my playlist. My diversity includes current hits and throwback classics.

My Gear


"I learned a lot from watching bands from the 70s/80s.  Some of my favorite keyboardists are Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind, & Fire), Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkedelic), George Duke, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and Pince".

  • My gear includes: Synthesizers, Hammond organ, Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Drum machines, Laptops running Propellarhead(r) Reason, Moog Minataur, Vocoder, 5- and 6-string bass.

I've shared the stage with many artists...


 Blue Soul - Billy Ball & the Upsetters - Temica Key Project - Asante Children's Theatre - Nadine Walker - Catrece Young - 

Joyce Licorish - Renee King - Alaina Rene - Deaon Forever - Deborah Asante - Keesha Dixon - Craig & Tonya Shelton - Bashiri Asad - 

Leslie Red - Carlos Sanchez - Damon Mendes (Cameo) - "Big" Joe & Trand Lane (The Choice Band) - Johnny Sutton - Q-Jam

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